Veterans’ Association of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Organized December 9, 1924
WHAT CAN NARVRE BRING TO THE TABLE FOR NEW MEMBERS? NARVRE   is   the   only   Federally   Chartered   Railroad   Retiree   Organization   in   the   industry   having   for   its   sole purpose the promotion, protection and preservation of our railroad retirement pension system. 171   Units   in   the   United   States   and   one   National   801   Unit   for   members   who   do   not   reside   in   a   locality having    a    NARVRE    Unit.    A    great    number    of    dedicated    members    who    have    demonstrated    on    many occasions   their   ability   to   be   a   dominant   force   in   the   Congress   of   the   United   States   assisting   in   the   passage and/or defeat of legislation affecting railroad retirees. Two   (2) Toll-Free Telephone   Numbers   to   assist   our   membership   in   calling   their   respective   Representative   in the   House   of   Representatives   and   their   two   U.S.   Senators   in   the   U.   S.   Senate.   877-668-3864      or   877-668- 3866 The    principle    officers,    Thomas    J.    Dwyer,    National    President;    Anthony    “Tony”    Padilla,    National    Vice President   and   Phillip   Stewert   National   Secretary-Treasurer,   govern   NARVRE.   NARVRE   has   a   full   time National   Legislative   Director   in   Gary   M.   Faley,   of   Flint,   MI.   These   gentlemen   stand   ready   to   answer   your questions and concerns. Click their names to e-mail: National President - George L. Boatwright National Vice-President - Ron Hylla National Secretary/Treasurer - Phillip Stewert National Legislative Director - Gary M. Faley NARVRE   National   Officers   and   National   Legislative   Director   are   in   constant   communication   via   desktop and   Laptop   Computers   and   are   completely   informed   via   the   Internet.   The   three   National   Officers   together with   the   Eight   Area   Directors   make   up   the   Governing   Board   of   NARVRE.   Such   Governing   Board   handles all matters of the organization between National Conventions, which are held each two years. The   National   Office   of   NARVRE   is   located   in   Moberly,   MO   and   is   staffed   by   the   National   Secretary Treasurer and one office staff person. NARVRE has a complete Website on the Internet and may be reached by addressing     Every    facet    of    the    organization    is    public    information    and    is    prepared    in    a    very readable   format.   The   site   outlines   contact   information   for   Asbestos   Protection,   Long   Distance   Savings, MetLife   $2000   Death   Benefit   for   the   surviving   Spouse,   Prescription   Drug   Savings   and   Long   Term   Care   at   a great savings for NARVRE Members. NARVRE publishes the NARVRE Newsletter ten (10) times per year. It is scheduled to reach your email the first of each month.
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