Veterans’ Association

of the

Chicago & North Western Railway


Organized December 9, 1924


Ed Henry Remembers

The End of the Line – Lander, Wyoming


The North Western came to Lander in 1906 and left in 1972.  For 66 years, Lander was the end of the line.  The “End of the Line” held a fascination for many of us including Ed Henry and he visited Lander shortly after hiring out.  Recently, Ed  wondered…  “Is there anything left of the North Western out there?”  Ed decided to find out and made another trip to Lander a couple of years ago to find out.  Ed discovered Lander has not forgotten the North Western.  Here’s what he saw, plus a couple of older pictures from years ago for comparison.


The Lander Depot today – restored & used by the Chamber of Commerce.

This is how the Lander Depot looked in about 1915,

This was the “end of the line” – about 300 yards west of the depot.

Another view taken in the 1940’s, looking east & showing the yards.

A C&NW waycar is preserved in a city park.

This plaque is mounted in a city park and serves to remind all that the C&NW had a lot to do with the growth of Lander.

Lander sits in the Wind River Valley and presents this view coming into town.

Downtown Lander today.




Posted: 03/22/05