Veterans’ Association of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Organized December 9, 1924
Photos by David Yetter
West end of the Kate Shelley bridge from the cab in the 70’s
1776 working Boone yard
West bound mid way across kate Shelley bridge,
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Boon, IA - Power move. 1970’s
East of Cedar Rapids, IA - 1970’s.
East of Cedar Rapids, IA - 1970’s. 1970’s
Ames, IA CNW 1385 - 1974
CNW 861, GP-35, serial # 29777, & BU35, road slug, Rebuilt 7-1971 from BN 755 sits East of Boone, Ia. waiting for a yard track. 1970's sometime.
CNW 6827, SD40-2, serial # 74609-12, note: U.P. 2975 then U.P. 1933, sd40n, Re # 1-7-2014, 2nd unit CNW 943, SD45, serial # 34576 Blt 1969, 3rd unit unknown info. Near Boone, Ia.1970's sometime.