Veterans’ Association of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Organized December 9, 1924
Photos by Various Contributors
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Submitted by VET’s member Bill Regner
Jerry Regner about 1 year before retirement. Abord the Eden Turn on 11/6/1985 at the West Bend, WI depot
Submitted by George Thorpe III
CNW tower “HM” lacated in Elmhurst, IL in 1948. Note the Armstrong levers. Pictured is George L. Thorpe Jr. He worked HM until 1964 then Kedzie till the late 1960’s. He finshed in Chicago as a dispatcher. George Sr. worked on the CNW from 1898 till the 1050’s.
Submitted by Sam Cushing
Sam,s father working a commuter out of Barrington, IL. Sam works out of Proviso.
Submitted by VET’s member Dave Hawley
CNWVETS member Dan Sylvester works the CNW 1385 steam train in 1982. Dan is tail hosing coming east at West Allis, WI.
Submitted by Sam Cushing
This guy is a C&NW legend. The older guys knew him and with so many people retiring I wanted you to have this picture to post because it's important to remember these guys whether liked or not. I realize it's not a great picture but probably the only one around. Taken in Butler I believe, 1983-84. My father had it in his old grip, he worked with Joe often and really got along well with him.
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Submitted by Scott Sorenson Old passenger car, in Hill City, North Dakota. Summer of 2022