Veterans’ Association of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Organized December 9, 1924
                  The   object   and   purpose   of   N.A.R.V.R.E,   organized   as   a   nonprofit   corporation, shall    be    and    is    exclusively    for    educational,    scientific,    literary    and    professional purposes   of   studying,   promoting,   and   disseminating   the   philosophy   and   principles underlying   the   legislative   process   in   order   to   further   the   growing   interest   in   the continuance   of   Public   Law   #162   enacted   by   the   75th   Congress   of   The   United   States of America   on   June   24,   1937,   commonly   referred   to   as   the   Railroad   Retirement Act; to   bring   into   closer   cooperation   the   railway   employees,   both   active   and   retired,   of   the country;   to   inculcate   and   uphold   the   general   principles   necessary   to   protect   the standard   of   living   for   all   current   and   former   railway   employees,   and   to   lend   moral   aid and    strength    to    the    activities    of    its    members,    the    Standard    Railroad    Labor Organizations,   senior   citizens   groups   and   other   organizations,   who   are   promoting the   general   welfare   of   retired   people   in   The   United   States   of   America;   all   within   the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.                   NARVRE   was   organized   on   September   6,   1937   by   recently   retired   66   year   old persons,   the   same   year   that   the   Railroad   Retirement   act   became   law.   In   1938   there were   only   five   units.   At   the   present   time   NARVRE   is   incorporated   in   the   District   of Columbia and the insignia is registered with the UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.                   NARVRE   has   three   National   officers,   a   National   Legislative   Director   and   eight area   directors.   NARVRE   is   the   only   Federal   Chartered   Railroad   Association   in   the industry.    Our    sole    purpose    is:    PROTECT,    PROMOTE    and    PRESERVE    OUR RAILROAD RETIREMENT ANNUITIES .                       NARVRE    publishes    a    newsletter    10    times    a    year.   The    other    two    months Congress   is   not   in   session.   Our   national   officers   keep   us   informed   as   to   what   is going   on   in   our   newsletters   and   emails   that   would   affect   us.   We   write   letters,   send emails   and   make   calls   to   our   Congressmen   and   Congresswomen   to   let   them   know how we feel about current legislation.                   Do   you   realize   that   you   could   only   be   receiving   49%   of   what   you   are   getting today?      It   makes   a   person   stop   and   think   what   can   happen   to   our   retirement   if   it were   not   for   NARVRE   members   working   together   on   this   issue.   Everyone   that   is   or about    to    receive    Railway    Retirement    would    benefit    by    being    a    member    of    this organization to help save our retirement.                 Before    1974,    railroad    veterans    had    been    granted    several    temporary pension/annuity   increases.   These   were   to   be   made   a   permanent   part   of   pensions   in the   Revised   Railroad   Retirement Act   of   1974.   The   act   was   passed   by   Congress   and then   passed   to   the   President   for   his   signature.   The   President   vetoed   this   act.   The veto   would   have   cut   pensions   by   1%   but   NARVRE   was   highly   instrumental   in   saving it   through   the   Legislative   Advisor's   alertness.   NARVRE   MEMBERS   made   extensive contacts   to   Congress   and   they   overwhelmingly   defeated   the   veto. Again   in   1983   and 1984   the   administration   wanted   to   cut   40%   of   pensions   once   again   but   NARVRE members (you and I) worked together to stop them.         NARVRE    WILL    SUPPORT    BILLS    IN    CONGRESS    THAT    PREVENT    ANY REDUCTION   IN   OUR   PENSIONS.   ALSO   ANY   BILLS   THAT   IMPROVE   THE   WELL BEING    OF    RAILROAD    EMPLOYEES,    RETIREES,    SPOUSES,    WIDOWS    AND WIDOWERS.             Currently   NARVRE   is   composed   of   146   units   located   throughout   the   United   States with   membership   in   48    states. The   association   is   governed   by   by-laws   which   provide for   the   election   of   National   Officers   at   a   biennial   convention   held   on   even   numbered years by delegates representing all units of NARVRE.             NARVRE   had   been   working   for   a   number   of   years   to   get   something   done   to improve   the   benefits   for   spouses   of   the   Railway   worker.   Upon   the   death   of   railway person   the   spouses   retirement   was   drastically   cut.   Several   years   later   NARVRE   met with   Rail   Labor   and   Rail   Management,   to   add   to   the   bill   for   working   railroaders   to retire   at   60   with   30   years   of   service.   It   took   until   December   21,   2001   to   get   this   bill passed   and   signed   by   the   President.   NARVRE   members   sent   100,000   letters   every week plus thousands of calls, emails to get this bill passed into law.             We   have   to   work   together   all   the   time   to   protect   our   pensions/annuities   and everyone   should   be   a   member   and   thankful   there   is   a   NARVRE   ORGANIZATION   we can   belong   to   that   cares   about   each   of   us   and   our   pensions/annuities.   Everyone   has worked   long   and   hard   for   their   Retirement.   We   are   inviting   you   to   join   us   to   help protect our pensions/annuities and benefits. Are you a member of NARVRE? 
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