Quarterly Report

MARCH 2017



Members Reported Deceased


Name                                      Occupation                 Location                                  DOD       


Bink Jr. George                        Engineer                       So. Milwaukee, WI                  01/16/17

Gluff, Sr. Ronald W.                 Engineer                       Woodstock, IL                         02/22/17

Henk, Paul R.                           Engineer                       Elgin, IL                                   06/06/14

King, Roger J.              Conductor                    Harvard, IL                              02/20/17



New Members


Name                                      Chapter                       Occupation                             Hired/Retired


Bertolani, Albert M.                         2                           Conductor                                1965-2006

Hellstrom, Timothy J.           2                           Conductor                                1965-2012


Unable to Locate


Name                                      Chapter           Occupation                 Last Known Address 


None this quarter.



The members were very receptive to the early mailing of the Dues Renewal cards and I very much appreciate the response.  I do however have a request.  When you mail your dues please INCLUDE the Dues Renewal card with the information filled out.  Fold the card if need be, but do not cut any information off the card.  This will help me a great deal.  In addition, if you do not mark “Yes” that you want a copy of the Annual Report you will not receive one. 


As always I want to thank those of you that forward info to me regarding the status of members. 

It really helps to keep the records and Annual Report accurate.  Information can be forwarded by telephone, email or U.S. mail.  In addition, if you hear of the death of a member, giving me the actual date of death and location is very helpful in getting a copy of the obituary for the record. 


Respectively submitted,


Dianne Koppelman

General Secretary/Treasurer


Email:  dckoppelman@gmail.com