The Chicago & North Western Lives!                       


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As a corporate entity, the Chicago & North Western has been gone since April 26, 1995.  That’s over ten years ago!  If you look close, the C&NW name is still around and here’s proof.  We’ve just scratched the surface with these photos and ask you to keep your eyes open for other examples.  When you find them, send them to the webmaster.  Our thanks to Dave Hawley, Ed Henry and Captain Wally Lindemann for the pictures you see on these pages.


Entering the pedestrian bridge over Canal St. from the old Daily News Building on our way to the CPT, we still see this great sign.  Photo from Ed Henry.

Dave Hawley found this C&NW waycar at Mitchell Yard (Milwaukee) on 12/08/04.  Let’s hope it stays out of the paint shop for a while.

On both sides of the Westleigh Road overpass in Lake Forest, Ill. we find

C.& N.W. Ry. cast in the bridge concrete. 

From Ed Henry comes news that the C&NW Marshalltown, Iowa Roadmaster’s Office has been moved to Mt. Ida, Ark.  This includes facilities for the B.& B. Dept., Track Dept. & the Claim Agent.

Dave Hawley found the C&NW alive and well in Sterling, Ill. on 12/04/04.

You have to look close, but it’s there…in small print at the bottom of the sign.  Found in Kenosha, Wisconsin on 03/25/05.

Dave Hawley found another one in West Allis, Wis. on 12/10/04.  More “fine print” and a little the worse for wear, but the right words are there.

The C&NW 8646 and 8575 showed up together at Global 3 on 2/21/05, two of the few remaining C&NW lettered units.  Photo by Dave Hawley.

This is in the cafeteria of the new UP head quarters in Omaha, 01/09/05.  Photo by Dave Hawley.

This picture was taken on 1/09/05 at the U.P. Historical Museum in Council Bluffs, IA.  Look close – that’s a North Western engine on the upper left.  Photo by Dave Hawley. 

The Winnetka Grade Separation completed in the early 1940’s resulted in new C&NW stations at Hubbard Woods, Winnetka & Indian Hill.  Here’s Hubbard Woods at track level (left) and street level.

The Winnetka station is similar to Hubbard Woods.  Don’t look for these to disappear anytime soon!

The Indian Hill station is smaller but is still clearly marked C&NW Ry!

Everyone will recognize this sign and know where it came from.






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Posted:  06/23/05