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This is the bridge at Emerson St., Ridge Ave. & Green Bay Rd., Evanston, IL pictured in 2005.The bridge has since been covered with a fabric and the C&NW sign is likely gone or at least concealed by the fabric.Thanks to Scott Coleman for the photo.

From Chris Burger comes this picture of an exceptional mural in downtown Wittenberg, WI, not far off 4 lane divided State Highway 29.Painted on the side of a metal building, it shows an early 20th century railroad scene centered around the Wittenberg depot.Thanks, Chris.

The three active C&NW units at the Illinois Railway Museum are pictured here with the UPís C&NW Heritage Unit and one of the only two C&NW units left unpatched by the Union Pacific.Left to right Ė UP 1995, C&NW 8701, C&NW 6847, C&NW 4160 & C&NW 411; all photographed at Union, IL by Dave Hawley on July 17, 2010 .Thanks Dave!

Hereís the C&NW 1689 freshly painted freshly painted for her 50th birthday at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad near Cleveland, OH†† This photo (on the left) was taken in 2004 after the engine had been around on many short lines including the Western Maryland with many paint schemes over the last 29 years.The photo on the right was taken in 2003 in fresh paint.Gary Baloun purchased the engine in 1981 while he was general foreman at the Proviso Diesel Ramp and sent us these photos.Thanks, Gary!

Hereís the C&NW 8701 and 8646 on LPW14-20, Belvidere Sub., Elgin, IL on July 21, 2009.†† Photo submitted by Dave Hawley.

The C&NW is still alive at DeKalb, IL.Itís there, right above the word Structures above the door to the old depot.Photo by Dave Hawley on 11/12/08.

C&NW 411, anEMD F-7A, at the Illinois Railway Museum with two C&NW bi-level coaches. Picture was taken on 08/30/07 by Dave Hawley.

Hereís the Butler Piggy Back Ramp Office in the 1970ís.Ted Lontkowski, who sent us this picture, worked a Yard Clerkís job there for one day and said one day was enough!Gordy Geil, John Gaven and Caryl Braaten will remember this classic office.Thanks, Ted.


At Spooner, Wisconsin Dave Hawley found this C&NW F-7 (left) and a former C&NW way car (right).on October 8, 2008.Both are owned by the Wisconsin & Great Northern Railway - a tourist line operated by Greg Vreeland†† The F-unit is former Business Train unit 400 and plans for it are indefinite.It probably will not be restored as it is in tough shape, plus many parts have been taken from the 400 to restore the 423, parts that would be very difficult to replace.The way car formerly had a plywood interior that was set on fire by local vandals about 10 years ago and is presently for sale.

The Wisconsin & Great Northern also owns former Chicago & North Western F-7A 4076A; then C&NW 423 and finally New Jersey Transit 423.This unit was rebuilt by Wisconsin Great Northern during 2001 and is now fully operational.Photo courtesy of Charlie Kuehn.

Hereís C&NW Gallery Car 2 on the property of the Railroad Historical Museum of Springfield, Missouri.Thanks to Captain Wally Lindemann for making us aware of this picture.

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