The Chicago & North Western Lives!                       

The Heritage Unit


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The C&NW Heritage unit was unveiled on Saturday, July 15, 2006 and put on display at the CPT.  Mark Llanuza was there and sent us these shots.  We expect others will be catching the UP 1995 from time to time and there is plenty of space here for more pictures.  Send them to the webmaster!  A month later, Louis Wilson photographed it at Merrillan, WI, and 8  months later, Dave Hawley caught it passing through Rochelle, IL.  THANKS, Mark & Dave & Louis.


On August 14, 2006, the Heritage unit stopped for a meet with a westbound train at Merrillan, WI.  Louis Wilson was there and sent us these pictures – two of the train waiting for the westbound, a view out of the cab and the last one of the train departing.  Thanks, Louis.

Dave Hawley caught the Heritage Unit & the last two remaining C&NW units at Rochelle, IL on 3/11/07.   They are handling Train MPRCB-11 and we see it passing the Rochelle Railroad Park.

Here’s the UP 1995 on Track 4 at the Chicago Passenger Terminal on Saturday morning, July 15, 2006.  Note the “Employee Owned” herald on the front.

Illinois Division Engineer Rex Hauser.

Westbound at LaFox, IL on its first run, along with C&NW 8701 & 8646 – Sunday morning, July 16, 2006.

In the right-hand photo above, almost out of the picture, is Tom Moran, Manager of Signal Construction, Commuter Operations.  Thanks to Dan Eldridge for identifying Tom.  We are still wondering about the others in these three pictures.  Someone knows who these people are – please let us know, by clicking here. 


A large Chicago & North Western “System” herald is on the sides of the engine.


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