The Chicago & North Western Lives!                       


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Here’s Page two – keep ‘em coming!  When you find them, send them to the webmaster.  Our thanks to Dave Hawley and Ed Henry for the pictures you see on these pages.


On the bridge over Route 137 just north of the Great Lakes Station.  There’s one on the other side of the bridge, too.

Another one of those signs – this one at Jefferson Junction.  They may be cardboard, but the sure are durable!

The C&NW is alive and well in Illinois Division engineer Bob Richard’s back yard on 06/12/05 in Cortland, IL.  Photo from Dave Hawley.

When Ed & Chris Henry toured the Tilden Iron Ore Mine at Negaunee, Michigan on 8/24/05, Ed spotted Car 6700 from the bus window.  Does anyone know who owns it or what it’s doing up here?

Evidence of the C&NW’s presence in Sterling remains and Dave Hawley has found two more examples.  On the left, we have a relay cabinet complete with a box in which to deposit waybills.  On the right; The C&NW herald is still displayed on the Highway 40 underpass.  Look close – it’s up there.  Both photos were taken on 8/25/05.


The C&NW parking permit sticker is still on Dave Hawley’s 1991 work car as of 8/26/05.  Chances are this one is not going away anytime soon!



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Posted:  09/26/05