Veterans’ Association

of the

Chicago & North Western Railway


Organized December 9, 1924


Board of Directors Meeting – 10/20/12


Informal Notes from the October 20, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting


Our Board of Directors is the group of members who jointly oversee the operation and activities of the Association.  While some Boards are either elected or appointed, our Board members are the past Presidents of the Association.  Our Board is governed by our Constitution, which is posted elsewhere on this web site. In short, our Board manages the Association.  Our Board has been meeting once a year in October just prior to the Milwaukee Chapter Luncheon.  These informal notes are to acquaint you with what happened last October 20. 


  • Present were Directors Caryl Braatan, Gordon Geil, Bob Guhr, Rod Ewert, Dan Sylvester, Don Mundth, President Bill Regner, Vice President Curtis Schmidt and General Secretary-Treasurer (GST) Dianne  Kopplema
  • BillRegner & Curtis Schmidt reported they audited the GST’s books on 10/10/12 and said all was in order.
  • It was proposed that an amount equal to $1.00 per member be given to each chapter to assist with meeting expenses. 
  • Curtis Schmidt was installed as General President and Robert Stewart of the Milwaukee Chapter was nominated and approved as the General Vice President, though a comment was made about considering someone from another chapter.  Bill Regner joined the Directors as a Past President. 
  • Most of the time was spent on presentation of proposed Constitution changes.  Changes will be submitted to Chapters and voted on at the chapter luncheons with the board to approve or disapprove on October 19, 2013.  
  • The GST wants to discard all records over 5 years old. Dan Sylvester has incurred some set-up costs for Association coffee mugs, shirts, hats and similar items in an amount of around $200.00 and it was proposed that such amount be reimbursed to Dan.  Details on the items, which are available to all, can be obtained from Dan.

The meeting adjourned around 11:30 am.