Veterans’ Association of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Organized December 9, 1924
Retierment of Gerald T. Cramer “Jerry” December 28, 2015
Chicago freight terminal Jerry Cramer retires. Hired out as a brakeman on 4/17/1976 at Proviso. He went into engine service on 4/17/1978. A retirement cake was enjoyed at the Chicago Passenger Depot. Pictured here are daughters Jennie, Rachel and his new twin granddaughters Cadence and Juliette. His wife could not attend for medical reasons. He plans on spending time with family and his summer home in the Wisconsin Dells.
A pizza party was held at Div 683 union metting
On hand were MIC’s Bibi Trevino and Reggie Scoufield
Also ther was Mike Johnson, engineer
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