Veterans’ Association of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Organized December 9, 1924
UP Calendars for Retired Employees
You must sign up every year to get a UP Calendar. Just click on the calendar above and fill out the form.
HINT: I moved in 2018 and did not update my address with UP. I did not receive a Calendar in 2019 or 2020. Called OSS at (800)621-8953 and updated my address. Hopefully I will get a 2021 Calendar. UPDATE: Updating my address worked. I received my 2021 calendar. UPDATE 1-21-2022: I once again applied for my 2022 calendar in June of 2021, as of late December, no calendar. Reapplied and received a calendar in mid January. After talking to co workers, I think applying in September or later might work. If you have any thoughts or experiences please email me at the following address. Thanks in advance. More Help: If you have a user ID and password, you can get into ePayroll and change your address yourself, or if you do not have a user ID, OSS at (800)621-8953 can get one for you. To get to ePayroll, open the UP web site, UP.COM. Click on the employees tab then click on Retirees and Families Site. Look for Sap ePayroll for retirees link and click on it. Scroll down to Retiree Payment and Address. Click on Former Employee Login. Enter user ID and password to update address. Good luck, don’t forget OSS can help. Summited by Bill Regner.
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