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Welcome to the Web Site of the Veterans’Association of the Chicago & North Western Railway.


The object of this association shall be to create and maintain friendly relations among the veteran employees of the

Chicago & Northwestern Railway.


We hope that these pages will provide you with information about the Association and rail-related issues, and also be a means for you to stay in touch with your friends and co-workers.

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The Center for Railroad Photography & Art is looking for help with identifying C&NW workers photographed in 1942-43 by Jack Delano.  Some of the photos will appear in an exhibition of Delano’s Chicago area photos at the Chicago History Museum in 2013.  What makes this exhibition unique is its emphasis on people - like the C&NW workers.  The Library of Congress owns the pictures, but several names are misspelled and others are missing.  Some of the photos are posted at more are expected to added.  Be sure to click the “more information” link on the picture page and check back later for more additions.  If you know workers appearing in these photos or their families, please contact John Gruber at the Center at

MetLife Insurance from Over 40 Years Ago

Are you covered?

Back in 1964, 20 of the railroad unions got us some life insurance with MetLife.  The amount reduces to $2,000 upon retirement but $2,000.00 is a lot better than nothing.  That was over 40 years ago and many have forgotten all about this.

The $2,000 is a national railroad death benefit; however, you have to call and apply for it.  MetLife is in Utica, New York and here’s their toll-free number – 800-310-7770.  Your survivors should call and get the claims process rolling.  MetLife will want your full name and Social Security number and then they can look you up on their computer.  It takes around 2 minutes.  Their mailing address is:  MetLife, P.O. Box 6122, Utica, NY  13504.   

This is life insurance via the National Railroad contract signed by the national carriers and 20 RR unions in 1964.  The only exception that I am aware of is that certain railroad employees who took buy outs at the C&NW signed off on any and all future benefits ---- and this included this $2,000 insurance, unfortunately.  

Review your beneficiary designations.  Situations change over the years and sometimes revisions are necessary. Remember, whatever is on file with the insurance company will prevail, even if it isn’t what you might want  Here’s a link to a Beneficiary Designation form, which can be used if needed.

For years MetLife tried to conceal this information, but a federal court case required MetLife to provide an 800 number.  Met Life will send a claim form which will have to be filled out and returned along with a Death Certificate.  If you find your name is not in their records and you feel it should be on the list, please contact your union for advice.  (Submitted by Truman Koehn.) 



NARVRE (National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees, Inc.)


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Please support NARVRE.  They are looking out for your interests. 

National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees, Inc.

Established September 6, 1937


Thanks are also in order for several people who’ve made contributions to our web site.  Without their help, this would be a pretty dismal production and this help is really appreciated.  To: Bob Alba, Gary, Baloun,Betty Knuth Baumann, Chris Burger, Dusty Burman, Harold Cardo, Les (Zoom-Zoom) Childers, Gary Cira P.J. Cleary, Scott Coleman, Ron Corrigan, Laurie Cosentino, Donald Cox, Sam Cushing, Gerald Cramer, R.J. DeBerg, Tim Deneen, Jerry Drager, Mike Eischen, Dan Eldridge, Gary Elliott, Jon Emery, Brian Emmer, Mary Estrada, Kay Ewert, Stan Eyres, Bob Fisher, Cliff Gilmore, Walter Gorlewski, Jim Hallgren, Jim Hansen, R.B. Harrison, Teresa Hawkins, Dave Hawley, Ed Henry, Chuck Hintz, Randy Johnson, Roger King, Truman Koehn, Tom Kraemer, Dave Kroeger, Charlie Kuehn, Kevin Leahy, John Leahy, Captain Wally Lindemann, Bill Linsey, Mark Llanuza, Ted Lontkowski, Keith Luebke, Charlie McLaughlin, Pat McNamara, Rick Mills, Loren Mulvaney, Don & Joan Mundth, Laverne Nelson, Mark & Mike Nelson, Karl Pachmayer, Stan Peczkowski, Jeff Phillips, Michael Powell, Merrill Price, Joe Richart, Gale Roberts, Rich Sandowski, J.P. Schillace, Mickey Senase, the late Wally Smith, Dewayne Stiefvater, Dennis Stowe, Dan & Yvonne Sylvester, Tom Thornton, Joe Vettese, Lance Wales, Ray Weart, Dave Wells, Marvin Williams, Louis Wilson, Bill Wismeth, Jim Yanke and Mike Yuhas, we convey our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Anyone having pictures or other information you’d like to share, please send it to the webmaster.  Clicking on the “Contact Us” link will open up an e-mail in which you can send your news and to which you can attach photos. 

Your comments, suggestions and ideas for additions to this site are most welcome. Also, don’t hesitate to tell us what you don’t like.  Just use the same “Contact Us” link below.  If you find a broken link, please let us know.

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Ron Corrigan Remembers the Western Division

Ernest Koehn, C&NW Traveling Mechanic

Marc Deneen Remembers

Fallen C&NW Ry. Police Officers

Truman Koehn Remembers - Track Motor Cars

Remembering the Chicago Passenger Terminal

Chris Burger Remembers Gil Reid

Remembering – Knights of the Road

Ed Henry Remembers – Lander, the End of the Line

Ed Henry and Merrill Price Remember

Ed Henry and Merrill Price Remember Tama Tower

Harold Cardo Remembers - The January, 1947 Snow Storm

Retirement Letter


Wayne Schingen – June 29, 2012

Jim Rieke – July 6, 2010

Russ Melichar – 12/30/08

Tom Berry – 06/29/06

Ronald W. Gluff, Sr. – 11/30/05

Dan Sylvester  – 11/12/2004

Eddie Yost – 08/22/2002

Charlie McLaughlin – 11/1998

Bob Fisher – 02/27/1981

Orville Schultz – July 1979 

Everett Schultz – 10/07/1977

 Dan O’Leary  – 10/30/1964 




Beckwith & the “Breeze”

The Wreck of 297

Judgment Day

Here lies a Foolish Swine

Historical Notes

C&NW Championship 16-Inch Softball Team

The C&NW Ry. Comes to Jackson, Wisconsin

The C&NW in Cuming, GA

Harvard Memorial

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Rollins W. Coakley Railroad Park – Venice, FL

West Chicago – A Look Back to the 1950’s


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