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Organized December 9, 1924
MetLife Insurance from Over 58 Years Ago
Are you covered?
Back   in   1964,   20   of   the   railroad   unions   obtained   life   insurance   policies   through   MetLife   for   their   members.      The   amount   reduces   to   $2,000   upon   retirement, but   $2,000   is   a   lot   better   than   nothing.      That   was   over   58   years   ago   and   many   of   us   have   forgotten   about   this.      This   is   life   insurance   via   the   National Railroad   contract   that   was   signed   by   the   national   carriers   back   in   1964.      (The   only   exception   that   I   am   aware   of   is   that   certain   railroad   employees   who   took buy-outs   at   the   C&NW   may   have   signed   off   on   any   and   all   future   benefits   -   unfortunately,   this   may   have   included   this   $2,000   insurance   death   benefit.)      For years MetLife has tried to conceal this information, but a federal court case has required MetLife to provide an 800 number for us.   The   $2,000   is   a   national   railroad   death   benefit;   however,   you   have   to   call   and   apply   for   it.      To   get   the   process   rolling,   MetLife   will   need   your   full   name   and Social   Security   Number   -   this   should   take   about   2   minutes.      If   you   find   that   your   name   is   not   in   their   record,   please   contact   your   union   for   advice.      MetLife   is located   in   Utica,   New   York   and   you   can   contact   them   at:      800-310-7770.      The   mailing   address   is:      MetLife,   P.O.   Box   6122,   Utica,   NY,   13504.      Upon   death, survivors   can   call   MetLife   and   they   will   send   out   a   claim   form   which   will   need   to   be   fill   out   and   return   to   them   along   with   a   copy   of   the   death   certificate   of the member. Please   review   your   beneficiary   designations.      Situations   change   over   the   years   and   sometimes   revisions   are   necessary.      Remember,   whatever   is   on   file   with the insurance company will prevail.  Here’s a link to a Beneficiary Designation form (Updated 8-1-2022) which can be used.
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The object of this association shall be to create and

maintain friendly relations among the veteran employees

of the  Chicago & Northwestern Railway

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The Madison Chapter informal breakfast has been canceled for Dec., Jan.,Feb. and March.
ATTENTION: Due to the catastrophic damage hurricane Ian caused to southwest Florida we will have to cancel our event scheduled for Saturday Jan 28, 2023. Click for more info.